Pecky's Vauxhall Deocder

For all your Vauxhall Decoding needs.

Upload Dumps

Upload your dump for instant results.


Download your own and shared dumps.


Search your archive by any decoded parameter.


Pay online for instant access to online decoding.

How to buy

If you want to buy online credits or the software just follow these simple steps.

  • Click Sign In / Register on the top menu
  • Create an account
  • Click Buy Credits / Software
  • Buy your desired Package
  • Use online instantly.

5 Credits


  • 5 decoding credits
  • Reset / Edit Dump *
  • Online Only

10 Credits


  • 10 decoding credits
  • Reset / Edit Dump *
  • Online Only

20 Credits


  • 20 decoding credits
  • Reset / Edit Dump *
  • Online Only



  • Unlimited credits
  • Reset / Edit Dump *
  • Windows Software
* Check Module Coverage for details on Pecky's Decoder coverage.

Create Your Own Dump Archive

All your uploaded files are stored in an easy to access list which you can search by any of the decoded parameters.
Download the file back to your computer using the original file name or renamed using the decoded details.
Users have the ability to share their dumps with others to download shared files.

Dump Detail Page

Once decoded you can view the detail page which lists the decoded data.
You can flag to Pecky if you think the tool has made an error.
You can add your own personal notes against each dump, so you could record a job number, customer name etc.

Edit and Reset Dump

Some items give you the ability to download a reset version of the file you uploaded.
Edit parameters such as Mileage and VIN to some dumps.